First post!


Soo, I’ve never really had a serious blog before! And I suck at taking photos, so this is going to be a disaster. Please forgive me ;3; (Not sure who that’s directed to since I likely won’t really get people looking at my blog, but oh well!)

I do a lot of fantasy Roleplay, mostly in the Realm of Mystara. This is a character of mine, Bhin’riil a half drow rogue.


This outfit is fairly simple for my first post. However I got this cloak at the Fantasy collective last night and I just wanted to show it to the world. I absolutely love it. Pucca Firecaster really outdid themself with it. It’s rigged beautifully, scripted so that my arms rarely clip with it, and has a simple script that you can put into your hair and ears to make them disappear when the hood is up, and reappear when the hood is down. This is PERFECT for roleplay. I have been running around showing it off to all my friends, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a single item in secondlife. I do have a small critique. I wish that it came in different sizes, my bottom is so bodacious that it clips in the back in most poses! However, everything else about this cloak is so fantastic that I am able to largely look past that little flaw.


The leggings are another thing that I absolutely adore. They are high waisted and are available in a number of patterns and fabrics. They come in standard sizes and also offer a larger bottom option (Which, of course, I loovvveee,) the thighs are nice and thick so I do not have an issue with a huge gap between them, and the shading on the butt is scrumptious. Definitely a must buy for curvier ladies!

Cloak – PFC Elven Cloak (Tinted) – Pucca Firecaster

Armour – [The Forge] Daerwen Armor (Tinted) – Deccan Arida

Top – **LUAS** Pepa Camisk – Ainaraluas Resident

Pants – .:villena:. – H/W Leggings – Villena Swansen

Belt 1 – [The Forge] Boadicea’s Belt (Tinted) – Deccan Arida

Belt 2 – [The Forge] Daerwen Belt – Deccan Arida

Belt 3 – Deviance Pirate Mate Sash (Tinted) – Surreal LeShelle

Sword – Deviance Pirate Mate Sword – Surreal LeShelle

Crossbow – Primus Mortuus Insertis Crossbow – PrimusWeapons Pearl

Chainmail Shirt – Caverna Obscura Rogue Warrior – Elvina Ewing

Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: Jewel – Trisha Zweig



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