Baillossil the Albino Lythari


This is another roleplay character of mine, Baillossil. I have a thing for albinos and wolves so I decided to make an albino lythari! (A lythari is an elven lycanthrope) I absolutely love her look and am very proud of the character, so of course I had to blog her.


I’m standing in front of my rented tent in The Realm of Mystara. They are so cute and only 20L a week for 10 prims. With all the mesh items out you can do a lot with 10 prims. They also come furnished with furs and a cuddle rug!


I want to give a thanks to CK Winx for the panties I’m wearing in the shot, he was very sweet and made a version of them that did not have anything modern on them so that I could wear them in my roleplay.. They are totally sexy and really compliment my hips. I love you, CK<3


Panties – ** Kari G String – CK Winx (Not yet released)

Lashes – *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Freya Olivieri

Leg Harness – .Shi : Leg Harness –  Joy Laperriere

Sleeves – :[P]:- Faerah Warmer – Aikea Rieko

Helmet – [DA] Sabre Helmet – Doraleous

Bracers – [The Forge] Viking Bracer  – Deccan Arida

Backpack – Centipede Backpack 1 – Kendra Zaurak

Necklace – EarthStones Cayuse Necklace – Abraxxa Anatine

Shoulders – PFC~The Hunter – Grizzly – Pucca Firecaster

Top and Belt – Panda Express Scavenger-Cannibal – Kioko Kumaki


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