Such Potential


Models filing off a white lit walkway, next season’s trends draped on their thin frames as sculpted faces sneer permanently from beneath empty eyes. They are tools to him though, the anxiety riddled designer clinging to a thread bare rope in the shape of a champagne glass and a meaningless smile. He walks out at the end of his show, wearing a mask in the shape of his own face to greet a crowd he despises and also desires. Out beyond the barricade of the walkway phantoms roil and dance to the flicker of flashbulbs that burn as bright and as brief as his inspiration. They mock him in their brilliance, the consistent nature of their existence and love their wielders have for them that he cannot taste of.
He wishes for passion, a soul he doesn’t use up for bid if only the buyer will pay him his weight in fame. To fade is his deepest fear. But his tension is superficial, as he walks back stage a lithe angel follows. A muse for his madness there is nothing for him to love more in this world than the ground upon which those pale feet walk. Like a winter morning they speak to him in subtle colors contrasting on the blankness of his insipid mind.
“There is such potential in you.” Petal soft lips brushing the cotton collar of his shirt. He breathes in the heady scent of his inspiration, wishing only to draw the ethereal being closer with their copper colored tendrils falling against high cheeks and porcelain skin.
“How, how can I reach it?” He pleads, there is nothing left of him now, there is only his art and the pursuit of it, a weed reaching for the moon. This creature of myth, ancient enough to make his head ache with the sheer weight and foreign nature of its beauty. But with knowing eyes the muse smiles, slowly in feather light hands that hold his head in a grip stronger than steel they turn his face to see the last of his models coming in from the changing rooms. He isn’t sure how the scissors came to be in his hands, nor why the woman’s face is twisted in such a way as she looks at him frozen in place. His vision is clear, colors in hues he’s only dreamed of burst forth tangible on the canvas of his reality. Emotions now marked and shaped by his hands speak to him; they speak the words of his angel ‘such potential.’ This is what he wanted, a mind that would never become dull again, inspiration that would never run out. Every nightmare he has ever conceived of runs on an endless loop behind his eyes.

By the time the police get there the ‘muse’ is gone; the model deceased. Only the designer remains, too horrified and in love with his warped reality that he can’t perceive what is happening around him. There is no doubt in the officers’ mind that he is insane. Now if only they knew how he came to possess ‘such potential.’

– An excerpt written by Girush Resident about Sonnagh Beirne.


This character happens to be a female, she’s just an extremely androgynous and flat chested female. Her name is Sonnagh Beirne and she is an unseelie Sidhe. She was created for a modern fantasy roleplay sim that was inspired by the Merry Gentry series written by Laurel K. Hamilton. One of my favorite characters, actually, that I never really got a chance to roleplay. However, my best friend is writing a short story using her, so she’s not completely going to waste!

The eye makeup I’m wearing in this photo was actually made by me some years ago when tattoo layers were first released. Perhaps I will put them up for sale again since people compliment me a lot on it!


So let me talk to you about this jewelry set from Aisling. Gods is it beautiful! It comes with a diadem, a necklace, bracers, rings, belly button jewelry, anklets, and earings. All in five metals with a hud to change the gem colours. ENDLESS possibilities. It was a bit pricey, but you get so much with it! Definitely a good buy. I see me wearing the pieces a lot in the future. I do wish they had been made modifiable so that I could tint and more easily resize it, but it’s still such a lovely set.


This headpiece was won from at gacha at the Fantasy Collective by my friend, Korruk. I pointed out that I liked it and he got it after the third try and gave it to me. What a sweetie, right? At least sometimes. I really loved it and new that it would look amazing with this collar so I was really excited that he got the colour that I wanted! Thanks Korruk, luffs yuu<3


Piercing – <- PoM -> – Swirl Septum – Flirt Button

Belt – [The Forge] Boadicea’s Belt (Tinted) – Deccan Arida

Collar and upper arms – SiniStyle Raven (Tinted) – Krius Misfit

Harness – [H]arsh Harness – Darien Caldwell

Jewelry – . a i s l i n g . Saku Set – Druunah Esharham

Lashes – MG – Eyelashes – Party – Inverted Crown – Maxi Gossamer

Headdress – *{JB}* Wild Thing Headdress – Juno Mantel

Hair – [LeLutka]-POCAHONTAS – Thora Charron

Pants – Unsung –  Angelus Chaps  – Jaden Benavente


“Pass me the scissors please.” The voice is calm and steady, polite tones caressing each syllable as if it were song and not a request. A nervous hand passes them over, the goblin more fixated by the creation currently being worked on rather than the creator who hums softly as they work. By far the finest of the set with only the finishing touches needed; a string of pearls here a small trim there. Sonnagh smiles at their work, giving the little pedestal a spin so they could see it fully, the bounce of brown hair, hazel eyes opened wide now that the annoying lids had been removed. “What do you think? Should I sow this gash up or leave it open? I think I kind of like the contrast between the white of this bone and the green of her skirt.” Noticing the look in the creation’s eyes Sonnagh’s smile only widens, petal pink lips turned lovingly to the once whole and flawed woman now bound in satin and drenched in lace. “See how beautiful you are now? I’m so happy you let me help you. After all you’re only human, you can’t be expected to make yourself perfect. That is what I’m here for. To make you perfect, to show you your true potential.” The gentlest of laughs falls from those full lips as once more the needle and thread are taken up in graceful hands that skillfully stitch fabric to flesh, veins to velvet, brocade to bone. Complete at last Sonnagh steps back to admire the mastery of their trade.

A line of similarly crafted figures each with their own pedestal and ring of fairy lights stands ready to play the parts they were cast for. They are no longer mere actors in costumes thanks to the Sidhe’s careful work, they have been sculpted into their roles. Permanently a part of their character till their flawed identities are erased in favor of these new forms. Only now can they hope to reach perfection, their true potential now within their grasp.

– Another excerpt written by Girush Resident


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