Snow White Feathers


I’ve always loved taking photos in Alirium, and so of course when I put together a pale avariel character I had to run over to their snowy portion of the sim! If you guys haven’t been there, you totally should (However, I’m quite sure you have.. It’s been around forever!)


I’m good friends with the owner of Eldritch (In fact, she’s basically my unofficial girlfriend. I love her so much!) and she always gets excited when she sees people wearing stuff she’s created. I am fairly certain that she will squee all over the place when she sees me blogging her staff, so I wanted to make a shout out to her. Your amazing, and I’m so glad I continued to pester you after getting those masks from you!


I really wish that I could find newer feathered wings. Illusion’s angel wings seem to be the best looking ones still, and while I do like them, they are severely outdated. It’s a wonder that I haven’t been able to find better! Hopefully Siyu will update them at some point, her newer stuff is fantastic.


Top and skirt – !gO! Barbarian Girl – Gocha Merlin

Hair and head piece – !Ohmai: Athena – Anya Ohmai

Wings – Illusions *~*Angel Wings – Siyu Suen

Chin Jewelry – .aisling. [Dresh] – Damian Kleiner

Armour – [The Forge] Daerwen Armor – Deccan Arida

Ears and Skin – ~Alchemy~ Eladie – Nina Helix

Belt – :[P]:- Vandariel – Aikea Rieko

Staff – Eldritch Lambentea Staff – Kiera Ashdene



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