On These Unhallowed Grounds


I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this avatar in the past, so I decided to do a post on her. She’s some months old so nothing really new for you guys, sorry about that!


I’ve been getting a couple people asking about the skins that I wear, so I want to explain that the reason I generally do not post them is either because they are custom skins, made by me, no longer available, or they are heavily modified. I will post the name of my skins if they are available for you to purchase, otherwise I will not. Sorry!


Staff – [The Forge] Aura Moon Staff (Tinted) – Deccan Arida

Jewelry – :[P]:- Naamah Armband – Aikea Reiko

Corset and Skirt – [Etchaflesh] Lilith – Shaodie Parx

Horns – [europa] Lokyli horns – Kazuhiro Aridian

Tail – This is heavily modded. I used a Panda Express tail and a Trap tail.

Hair – Magika Habit – Sabina Gully



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