Autumn Breeze


With Thanksgiving in just two days, I thought it was time for me to do an Autumn inspired post.. And man do I love fall colours!


This outfit has a lot of items that I’ve already blogged, but I love them all so much that I feel I’m going to do a lot of recycling. I hope you don’t mind! Though, I did just get this skin from the Skinnery today. I had tried it before and it just didn’t strike well with me, but today when I put it on I fell in love! The Skinnery has a way of making skins not seem too perfect or overly beautiful, and I love that. I like my avatars to be at least slightly humble!


Bracers – [The Forge] Viking Bracer – Deccan Arida

Crown – .:GSpot:. Dyonysos bride (Tinted!) – Jalilah Jewell

Tunic – [ Stitched ] – Worn Tunic (Tinted) – Adele Bumblefoot

Top – the Lounge – Tramps and Thieves (Tinted) – Erielle Deschanel

Belt – [geek.] Fail Twig – Jada Tigerpaw

Short Necklace – [tea.s] Eden’s Necklace Tea Soup

Long Necklace – .:GSpot:. Maris Necklace – Jalilah Jewell

Hair – TRUTH Renata – Truth Hawks

Boots – Yasum *Nicci’s Step* – Azlyn Vaher

Skin – [theSkinnery]Angie – Umazuma Metaluna



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