Maerwynn The Apothecary


I know, I know! I haven’t been posting.. I’ve been super caught up in roleplay at King’s Landing! It’s been super fun, constant RP with amazing characters and fun story lines. I just started there a couple weeks ago and I already have so many friends!

This is my character, Maerwynn. She’s a smallfolk Apothecary who lives in the apartment above her shop with her black and white kitten, Grey. She has a hunter for a brother who is far too protective of her and that she likes to take care of, despite his grumblings; and two younger sisters who live with her father and step mother. She lives a modest life, always working and taking care of her family. During her free time she likes to spend it with her best friends, Danica and Ebrith, talking about boys and all the nobles who make their way into the apothecary to buy drugs and moon tea.

Maerwynn has never been with a man (Or woman, for that matter,) and she turns down any advances sent her way, not that she gets many. However, she happens to have a crush on a certain Lord who treats her like a friend, and not just the local apothecary. She knows that it couldn’t possibly go anywhere, even if he did happen to have a thing for her as well, but that doesn’t stop her from blushing like a school girl anytime he’s around.

Despite not having the time for the wiles of men, Maerwynn would give anything if she could drop everything and travel, preferably by ship. She has always dreamed of sailing on the open sea and seeing worlds beyond the Kingswood. Some days she buries herself in books about pirates and voyages and imagines what it would be like if -she- could do such things.

Beyond just traveling, Maerwynn is interested in a number of other things such as singing, riding horses, nature. What she spends most of her time studying may seem a bit disconcerting, that being the effects nature has on the body; such as drugs, herbs, and poisons. While she doesn’t really like the thought of harming an innocent person or animal, Maerwynn is fascinated by the way the body reacts when a drug or poison is introduced to it’s system. She has performed experiments on rats where her fascination and thirst for knowledge had overpowered her guilt of harming the creatures and was awe-stricken by the the most violent of reactions.

When she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, working, or poisoning poor critters, Maerwynn likes to go to the orphanage to treat sick children and make sure they are getting the nutrients they need to survive. Despite her morbid adoration for poisons, Maerwynn has a heart of gold and a love for those in need. She has been known to convince well-off nobles to make donations of food or coin to help the needy and sickly.

Now that Maerwynn has finally moved all her things into her new shop and made a bit of a name for herself, she is hopeful that her life will prove to only get easier and more fulfilling. This is the time for her to write new chapters in her story filled of love, friendship, and perhaps a little adventure.


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